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seed processing machiners
For thorough and efficient extraction, it is necessary that each and every oil bearing cell of the material is brought in contact with the solvent. Therefore proper preparation of raw material prior to extraction is very important to ensure this contact. The smaller the material size the better is penetration of the Solvent into the oil bearing cells, but too fine a size will prevent the solvent from percolating through the mass. Hence different methods are adopted for different material depending on oil content, size and physical properties. However materials can be broadly classified in three groups:
  1. Oilcake
  2. High Oil Content material
  3. Floury material

Seed Elevator & Conveyors
High quality elevators and conveyors are used for feeding of seed/nuts & cakes into expeller and other cleaning & decorticating machinery. Their usage brings a significant reduction in manpower involved in feeding the seeds.

Seed Cleaners & Destoners
DeStonerThese machines are suitable for efficient cleaning of all types of grains and seed. Gentle vibratory feeder and the belt guard provide efficient cleaning of grain without causing any damage to the particles. The graded material and the impurities like stones and sand are automatically discharged in separate chutes and are high in functionality.

Seed Dehullers
It is designed to hull, remove shells, separate and re-separate your product. The equipment features low electricity consumption, compact structure, small area occupation & low damage of seeds and kernels.

Seed Crackers
CrackerIt is used for breaking the oil seeds before sending it to the cooker in order to reduce the load enhance the capacity of the flaker and also and improve the quality of the flakes.

Cooker Steam HeaderIt is used to cook the material before it enters flaker machine. The cooker consists on a vertical cylindrical body equipped by heating plates. A central shaft mixes the products at each stage. This set is controlled by a gear box. It is installed in the upper part.

The product is conveyed to the upper part of the equipment and pass successively at each to another by gravity. A pneumatically-controlled hatch regulates the flow rate depending on a level of seed pre-selected at each stage. This system allows a self-regulated way by the output of the extractor or feeder to be installed under the equipment: any output's variation is automatically reflected on the input of the cooker without any intervention of the operator.

Each stage is equipped with a stainless steel inspection door with false door enabling opening full stage to make a visual inspection or to take a sample, for example. Following the layout, we can supply an equipment with unlined hatches and according to the customer's wishes.

Seed Flakers
Flaker SectionTo mill the oil seeds into thin flakes by roller flaker mill, which can extend the surface area, make the oil material more plastic for cooking process. It also helps in enhancing the capacity of expander.

Expander/ Extruder
Expander SectionMost modernized unit with updated features to process flakes to make porous cake good for solvent extraction and squeeze partial oil from highly oil content seeds like Mustard, Sunflower etc. Expander also processes castor expeller cake to convert in to porous cake good for solvent extraction. Various models available with capacity range from 50TPD to 1000TPD.

Horizontal Cooler
This equipment is used for drying/ cooling of expanded material by cross air flow before sending it to solvent extraction section. It consists of blowers, cyclones, screw conveyors and a material conveying system.
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